What You Need To Know Before You Get A Tattoo On Your Face.

The face is an area unlike any other on the human body. Here we show our emotions, our age, and our beauty. The skin on our face is delicate and active at the same time. It’s a very sensitive place. When someone touches our face, there is a connection, a trust that needs to be present. Certain social barriers between people need to be overcome before we let someone invade that special space.

Previous Permanent Makeup?

At this point in time, it is understandable that you may have already received permanent makeup elsewhere. Before booking an appointment, please make us aware of any previous existing facial tattoo(s) by emailing a photo to ensure you can receive treatment. An in-person consultation may still be required to determine services.

Please email theartofthearch@gmail.com with any concerns and/ or questions along with your photograph. This is greatly appreciated and will help determine the best approach for you.


At ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS, we follow very strict sanitation, safety standards & regulations provided by and approved by OSHA and the State of New Jersey’s Health Department.  We hold active certifications from the American Academy of Micropigmentation for the state of New Jersey as well as from OSHA in blood borne pathogens, safety and disease. A sterile hand held tool/needle is opened in front of you and is discarded in a sharps container immediately after your procedure. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to ensure your safety. We take every precaution to protect you and ourselves from harm.

Permanent makeup exist mostly in the epidermal/dermal junction. The so-called “sweet spot.” The depth of pigment that is implanted into the skin during permanent makeup in not as deep as body art. Because the placement is more superficial in the skin, ongoing touch ups are suggested to keep the color looking fresh as fading is normal with time.

One first session and then a complimentary touchup within 6-12 weeks completes your permanent makeup service. This time frame is important because as the skin heals, it may try to “remove” pigment from the skin as the cells that protect our body believe the pigment particles are tiny “invaders.” The skin also takes time to heal not only from the outside, but on the inside too. Additionally, skin does not heal evenly. This is why a touchup in the 6-12 timeframe is suggested. If touchups are performed too soon, the final healed results may not be ideal. It is normal for some areas to lighten or look like they are missing pigment, such as “gaps.” This will vary, is all normal and to be expected. You will be able to tell if there are any areas that may need enhancing/ darkening/ filled in more, etc. after your skin has completely healed which is usually around the time of your next scheduled appointment.

There are many factors that determine how well your skin retains the pigment and for how long. Very oily skin tends to require touchups sooner rather than later because oily skin is not great at allowing the pigment to remain in the skin. More importantly, people with oily skin are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other due to the excessive oil production mixing with the pigment in the skin. The strokes sort of blend together and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like individual, distinct hair strokes. If this is ok with you, a powder affect is still a beautiful and soft option to filling in your brows for a more permanent option.

As much as we strive to create symmetry, your eyebrows will not look identical. This is important to understand so expectations are realistic. Nobody’s eyes are equidistant from the bridge of their nose so the starting points of each eyebrow may vary. Eyes are not at the same height either and the amount of difference between one eye and the other may also determine the placement of your existing brows, such as one eyebrow always looks higher or lower than the other. As for your ocular cavities, the bony structure right above your eyes, may be more flat or rounded than the other. Muscles may be more contracted one one side than the other changing how your eyebrows appear on your face. One eyebrow may have more existing hair than the other. All this is accounted for when creating the ideal eyebrow shape. Before any permanent makeup is performed, the pre-draw shape is agreed upon to ensure we are on the same page when creating your desired goals.

As you may know, your face is a very sensitive place. Facial features and expressions, such as laughing, speaking and kissing, are some of the ways we communicate with others. There are many nerve endings all over the face that serve an important purpose for touch and feel. Pain is subjective, we all feel pain differently. Topical numbing may be used throughout your procedure to help with the potential discomfort. The results of your permanent makeup far out weigh the potential temporary pain or slight discomfort. The anticipation of not knowing what to expect can sometimes even be worse than the actual feeling of receiving permanent makeup. It will be worth it.

This is normal during the healing process. It is a common fear of ending up with really dark eyebrows or lips. This is not the case when receiving permanent makeup at ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS. We believe in the approach, “less is more.” We can always add more color, or go darker, or extend the shape a little here and there during your touchup appointment. Even though your treated area will look darker the first two to five days or so, by the sixth and seventh day, you may experience tiny scabs that start to slough off or skin may start to peel away. By the 14th day or so you may start see the final result revealing itself. The skin must be completely healed before we address any areas of concern, which is usually around the time of your touchup appointment. The healing period is a process. We are here for you every step of the way. As it has been said, “trust the process.”

At ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS we believe in the approach, “less is more.” Losing anywhere from 10%-60% of you pigment during the healing process is normal and expected. We can always deepen the existing color, or choose a darker shade, and / or extend the shape a little here and there. Any areas of concern can be enhanced during your touchup appointment.

ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS is known for creating a natural look. “Permanent makeup that doesn’t look like makeup.” Our goal is to enhance your individual beauty creating a beautiful balance between all your facial features, such as your eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. We want you to wake up every day feeling beautiful, having more consistency and confidence for years to come. As we strive for a classic shape and color true to your naturally existing tones, your permanent makeup will always be in style. Enhancing your best YOU, you will be safe from trends and style changes.

Researching “Healed” work will be most accurate for creating expectations of your healed results. Talk to your artist. Ask questions and discuss any concerns with your artist. If you prefer to wait on a procedure, we respect your decision. There is no pressure! We want you to be as excited as we are about the beautiful results.

“It faded” can mean many different things to how you feel “how much” your brows have faded. The skin is like a sponge, it will only absorb and retain as much pigment as it can, nothing more.

If you’re looking for a natural result, our specialty at ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS, the skin needs to be able to get rid of some pigment, become faded, or lightened through manual toning/ removal procedures before adding more.

Not sure if you’re ready for a touchup? Send us a picture and we will be happy to advise.