Lip Blush

Lip Blushing is exactly as it sounds…adding a natural pop of color to your lips, think lip tint, or lip glow. Lip blushing is the process of implanting pigment into the lips creating the most beautifully natural appearance of having a plumper pout and a healthy hue. The application is considered to be that of a sheer look, unlike a lipstick look. Simply add a pretty gloss and go. With a sheer finish you can still enhance your lips with the latest makeup lip liner trends. The pigment choice is matched based on your individual goals. Lip blushing adds color to pale lips, creates more symmetry and definition to your lip shape lasting up yo five years.

Lip blushing is considered to be a two-step process, which includes your initial appointment and one complimentary touchup within 6-12 weeks after your first appointment for maximum healed results.

3 hours 30 minutes