MICROBLADING is the process of manually implanting pigment into the skin by creating hand-drawn, thin hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with your existing brow hairs. The results yield a naturally fuller, more defined shape and more symmetrical pair of eyebrows. Healed results will vary depending on your skin type and condition and lifestyle.

Microblading is a two step process, which includes your initial appointment and one complimentary touchup within 6-12 weeks after your first appointment for maximum healed results.

Microblading is wonderful option for those who are simply are unhappy with their eyebrows. Those who have suffered from hair loss due to a medical condition such as Alopecia or medications such as chemotherapy, can greatly benefit from microblading. If you have lived through the 90’s and over-plucked your eyebrows to the point of no return, microblading may be for you.