Noël Del Viscio

Hello and welcome! I’m Noël, CEO & FOUNDER of ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS, permanent makeup artist. I am a wife of a brave (now retired) Fire Captain and a proud momma of two beautiful toddlers. I consider ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS to be my third baby. Without my family, I would not be the woman I am today.

Deep within me resides an artist’s heart, a wellspring of creativity yearning to be expressed. Since I was young, art has been my sanctuary, a realm where colors dance, lines come alive, and imagination knows no bounds. But as I grew older, the well-meaning voices around me echoed the belief that art couldn’t pay the bills. I established a career as a Licensed Aesthetician and fell in love with shaping eyebrows and skin knowledge. As someone who has personally suffered with acne most of my adult life, I knew I wanted to help others that suffered too. Out of fear and with a heavy heart, I veered away from my true calling and embarked on a corporate path, seeking stability but leaving my creative soul unfulfilled.

Days turned into years, and the corporate world became my reality, yet an emptiness persisted within me. I longed for purpose and a way to connect with others on a deeper level. I yearned to break free. Or better yet, embrace who I truly was all along. It was then that I realized the price of denying my true self far exceeded any financial security.

With the complete support of my husband, courage as my tool and determination as my pigment, I chose to rewrite my narrative. I embraced the truth that art is not only a form of self-expression but also a transformative force that can touch lives. I decided to blend my passion for artistic creation with a desire to make a meaningful impact. In this pursuit, ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS was born.

As I mentioned I always had an appreciation for eyebrows. It amazed me how satisfying it was to change a person’s entire look by simply shaping their brows. However, shaping is limited. Shaping removes hair, it doesn’t add what isn’t there. Once I discovered microblading for myself, I fell in love with the way I felt when my brows were filled in. I wanted to create the art of microblading and help women experience the same confidence boost I felt. It was love at first stroke.

With every stroke of my tool, I discovered that I could create more than skin deep; I could create confidence and empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty. Permanent makeup became my medium, a fusion of artistry and self-expression that transcended the notion that art doesn’t pay the bills. It became a way to help others feel their best, to enhance their features and unlock a newfound sense of self-assurance.

Through the art of permanent makeup, I connect with each client’s unique story.

Everyone has a story if we choose to listen. As I carefully shape brows, delicately define lips, and accentuate eyes, I witness the transformation that unfolds before me. The joy, the tears of gratitude, and the blossoming confidence in their eyes reaffirm my purpose. The corporate world taught me many valuable skills and experiences that I am forever grateful for. I have been able to apply to these years of experience and knowledge to continue to thrive and grow my permanent makeup business through a pandemic and becoming a momma of two beautiful babies. It is in the realm of artistic creation that I find true fulfillment, nourishing my core being.

Today, as I step into the studio, I stand tall. An artist unapologetically embracing my craft, proving that art can indeed pay the bills when passion and purpose align. My journey has taught me that fulfillment lies in honoring one’s true self, in rejecting the confines of convention, and in daring to believe that artistry can be the foundation of a meaningful and prosperous life.

In every stroke, every smile of satisfaction, and every client’s newfound confidence, I find my why. It is in the profound impact I have on their lives, the way I help them feel seen, celebrated, and beautiful. The decision to follow my artistic heart has not only transformed me but has also become a beacon of hope for others who yearn to live authentically.

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and 7 years experience in the permanent makeup arena, my why is to share the beauty and power of art, to inspire others to embrace their own unique journey, and not to change you, but remind you who you are, enhancing your natural beauty through the art of permanent makeup.

My educational credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduated Magnum Cum Laude class of 2003
  • Licensed Aesthetician since 2006
  • Gold Member BOARD Certified Micro-pigmentation
  • Artist by the Academy Of Micro-pigmentation with 6 years experience
  • Meets NJ State Health Department Standards
  • Holds current OSHA regulations in blood borne pathogens, safety and disease


Gina DeLauro

Hi! I’m Gina! From a young age I admired my grandmother, Adele, the most glamorous woman I’ve ever known. She had a standing appointment at the “beauty parlor” once a week for her hair and nails, a place I loved bringing her to as I got older. She had the same hand-drawn nail design for 30 years, a design my sisters and I wore on our nails for our weddings (done by my Grandma’s manicurist!)

I always knew that I wanted to help people become their favorite version of themselves. For the last 10 years, this desire was expressed through counseling, specifically middle-school-aged children. Helping children and their parents navigate middle school is fulfilling, but I know that I have even more to offer!

Both at work and in my personal life, I am the person who everyone comes to for beauty advice. I can talk about skincare and make up routines for hours on end, which frequently leads people to ask how it is possible that I don’t already work in the beauty industry! After discovering permanent makeup as a client, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to do for others. I talked about this goal often but might not have endeavored without the encouragement of my husband.

I didn’t always love my eyebrows. In fact, I vividly remember being teased in middle school about how full my eyebrows were. Soon after, I plucked off almost every single one of my eyebrow hairs. I’m so grateful they grew back! I have been seeing Noël every few years to fill in a few sparse areas. I want to help you become your favorite version of yourself through the art of permanent makeup.

My educational credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Science, Human Development & Family Studies – Class of 2010
  • Master of Arts, Counseling – Class of 2012
  • BOARD Certified Permanent Makeup Artist – American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • Holds current OSHA regulations in blood borne pathogens, safety and disease


Kristin Esposito

Hi there, my name is Kristin and I am so happy you are here! Growing up in a bustling household among three brothers, I was enveloped in the embrace of a supportive and tightly-knit family. Their influence laid the very cornerstone for my future endeavors. My parents, with unwavering belief, consistently propelled me to reach for the stars.
My fascination with the world of beauty found its roots in early experimentation with makeup and a fascination with ever-evolving industry trends. These seeds of passion took hold and began to bloom.
After completing my college journey, the corporate corridors of L’Oréal welcomed me into their fold. This chapter unfurled valuable experiences that contributed to my growth. However, alongside my corporate voyage, my yearning for creative expression and personal satisfaction urged me to explore my love for makeup. The weekdays saw me immersed in the 9-to-5 rhythm, while the weekends transformed into a canvas where I brushed dreams to life, adorning brides for their momentous occasions.
As time flowed, the realm of permanent makeup began to cast its spell on me. Despite my intrigue, apprehension rooted itself due to the fear of the unknown. Yet, after half a decade within the corporate embrace, fate orchestrated a reckoning.
The universe’s unseen hand emerged during the global pandemic, resulting in the dissolution of my corporate role. This unanticipated twist in the script became the fulcrum upon which change pivoted. An unexpected void created the perfect space for me to step into the path I once approached with trepidation.
With newfound resolve and pockets of time, I seized the opportunity, immersing myself entirely in the art of permanent makeup. Each stroke of pigment, every technique mastered, reflected my unwavering dedication.
The metamorphosis from corporate professional to permanent makeup artist was a journey both wild and wondrous. The chapter of job loss unveiled an unforeseen door to fulfilling dreams, underscoring that sometimes, the universe nudges us towards our authentic calling.

Permanent makeup is not just a technique or a trend; it is an art form that demands precision, creativity and a deep understanding of every client’s individual features. Every face is unique; and through meticulous attention to detail, I strive to harmonize my clients’ features, opening their inner confidence. Permanent makeup has the ability to transform not only a client’s external appearance but also internal narratives. Watching their increased self esteem and the new found freedom from daily beauty routines is what fuels my passion even further, reminding me why I love what I do every single day.

I cannot wait to help you have new found freedom through the art of permanent makeup.

Credentials Include:

  • Bachelors of science, psychology class of 2016
  • Licensed esthetician state of NJ
  • Board Certified by American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • OSHA regulations/holds current Blood Bourne Pathogen Certification