The Process Of Permanent Makeup

All permanent makeup procedures are two-step processes to achieve maximum healed results.

During the consultation process we first discuss in depth about your goals and what styles or looks your ideally wanting to create that makes you feel most YOU – whether it’s a more natural appearance or something a bit more. During this time it is important to communicate what you like and don’t like as well.

The following is considered when creating the Pre-draw shape:

  • Skin condition and type, (oily vs normal to dry)
  • Age and lifestyle (for example if you love the sun during the summer months or exercise daily).
  • Your existing brow shape, lip shape and/or eye shape, such as your unique facial structure like bones and muscles.
  • Your face shape, nose, lips and eyes

Collectively, they are carefully considered to create the most balanced and complimentary appearance.

Topical numbing cream is applied to help with the overall discomfort. Once the pre-draw shape and color selection has been determined and agreed upon, the permanent makeup process begins. You will be shown the hand held tool (microblading) and/or needle(s) in a sterile package. It will be opened in front of you and disposed immediately after your appointment following New Jersey State Health and OSHA guidelines to ensure your safety. During microblading, it is normal to hear a velcro-like sound and feel a combing sensation. You are welcome to wear EarPods and listen to your favorite Podcast or music of choice during your appointment. It is normal to sneeze, tear, even develop mild, temporary congestion and have the urge to blow your nose. During lip blushing and eyelash line enhancement(s), a machine and needle combination is used and you will hear and feel a vibration.