Today, there’s a higher probability of having had some form of permanent makeup then even five, six years ago. Many require corrections or just simply want to “remove” or “tone down” their PMU (permanent makeup) and begin again with a more neutral canvas. Angel Removal can be an amazing solution for this!

Those who could benefit from lightening…
•poor quality previous PMU
•pigment that has changed color or migrated
•errors with the shape
•pigment saturation to perform a new treatment

At ART OF THE ARCH & AESTHETICS we use Angel Removal. It is a safe technique, designed to help tone pigment in the skin.

•Clients can put makeup on after 24 hours.
•Great for partial removals
•Little to no scabbing. You can expect some minor peeling and redness.
•Lightens all colors and all pigments on the market.
•Takes no more than 40 minutes per treatment. Can repeat every 4 weeks with up to 8 sessions total.
•Active ingredients are acids from antioxidant fruits.