+ A Physician release form for the is required for the following conditions: Auto-Immune disease, Epilepsy, diabetes, hemophilia or blood disorders and/ or heart disease of any kind, Cancer/ Chemotherapy. See what you need to know before getting a tattoo on your face for more details.

+ Laser procedures and/or chemical peels, waxing, or any other procedure to the face that compromises the skin’s barrier will need to wait until the treatable area is completely healed.

+ Keloid or Hypertrophic scaring. For hypertrophic scarring, we can do a patch test to ensure you won’t scar.

+ Spider vines in the treated area.

+ Thin skin. You may not be a great candidate for permanent makeup if you have very thinned skin.

+ Pregnant or nursing. Although there is no medical evidence that tattooing would have any negative effects on your unborn child, we do not know for sure and therefore the risk is not worth the reward.

+ Accutane. You will need to be off Accutane for at least 1 year.

+ Doxycycline. You will need to be off of Doxycycline for 6 months prior to receiving permanent makeup.

+ Any skin conditions such as dermatitis, active herpes simplex, rashes, bumps, pimples, moles or lesions in or near the treated area.

+ Sunburnt or very tanned skin. Permanent makeup cannot be preformed on sunburned skin. It is best to avoid being tan when receiving permanent makeup. As your skin exfoliates the tan away, your newly implanted pigment will likely go with it! Tanned skin may also affect the healed results of the color pf the pigment.

+ Eye surgery of any kind you will need to wait SIX months prior to your permanent makeup appointment and a physician’s release form is required to receive treatment.

+ Scars from a previous injury or surgery need to be healed for at least ONE year prior to your first appointment.

+ Anesthetic. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area being treated. Active ingredients include but are not limited to: Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine and Epinephrine. If you are allergic to any of these listed please inform me before your appointment.

+ If you are sick or any kind, have a fever and/ or if you have any current Viral Infections (Cold, Flu, Covid-19, etc.)

+ Blood thinners of any kind you will need a doctors note releasing you both to receive the procedure(s) as well as being off the medication for at least THREE days prior to your scheduled appointment. AVOID the following potential blood thinners for at least THREE days prior to your appointment: alcohol intake, Advil/ Ibuprofen, Aspirin, fish oils, vitamin E.

+ Avoid caffeine intake at least THREE hours prior to your appointment.

+ False lashes/ eyelash extensions must be removed at least SEVEN days in advance of your eyelash line enhancement procedure.

+ Lip filler (*LIP BLUSH procedure) is best done after you have completely healed from both your initial appointment and complimentary touchup or wait at least SIX weeks after filler before receiving lip blushing. There are times when it may be suggested to fill your lips prior to receiving lip blushing as it helps with very wrinkled lips and can help with some asymmetry.